This Week @ Calvary

Thanksgiving re-imagined

Prepare your heart, mind and spirit for more than the holiday by indulging every day in a thankful attitude, fasting from cultural discontent and material dissatisfaction. There is no greater treasure for the Christian than Christ.


September 18 Sunday
9:30a Education Hr. Resumes
10:30a Worship Service
Pastor Karl at Society of the Holy Trinity Retreat
(Sep 18-24)

September 20 Tuesday
9a-12p Good Shepherd Luncheon
7-9p Church Rental

September 21 Wednesday
Crosswinds Deadline
Pastor Karl's Birthday!
9:30a Mary Circle
1:30p Priscilla Circle

September 22 Thursday
7:30p Choir Resumes

September 23 Friday
9:30a Ladies Bible Study

September 24 Saturday
3p-8a (next day) Good Shepherd
Kids Overnight Retreat

September 25 Sunday
10:30a Worship Service
60th Anniversary Celebration
for Willard & Shirley Cleland!

September 27 Tuesday
9a-12p Good Shepherd Luncheon

September 29 Thursday
7:30p Choir

September 30 Friday
9:30a Ladies Bible Study
8-9:30p Good Shepherd Prayer


Welcome to Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church! 


We are so pleased that you’ve taken the time to check out our website to learn a bit about us.  We especially hope that you will join us for Sunday worship so that we can get to know you, too. Our prayer is that you will find a welcoming community of believers, committed to loving God and others to the end that all will know Christ.

What does a typical Sunday Morning Service look like?

Join us for Education Hour starting Sunday, September 18th @ 9:30am.

Every Sunday our worship service begins at 10:30am and lasts until about noon. In our service you can expect to sing songs to God, recite liturgy, and hear the Bible preached. If you are trusting Christ for salvation, than you are also welcome to participate in the celebration of communion.

Here we don't have a dress code. Some choose to wear ties or dresses and some people wear jeans and t-shirts. It doesn't matter to us! Just know you are welcome here, and don't forget to join us for a hearty brew of coffee after the service!


Friday September 16th @ 9:30a: Ladies Bible Study Resumes
Sunday September 18th @ 9:30a: Education Hr Resumes
Thursday SEptember 22 @ 7:30pm: Choir Resumes
Sunday October 2nd @ 9:30a: CONFIRMATION CLASSES Resume for Grade 7


LITURGICAL CALENDAR: We are observing the season of Pentecost!
What is Pentecost?

A New Testament Event: The Holy Spirit empowers unto extraordinary evangelism! Pentecost is the time after Jesus' resurrection and ascension when He poured out His Holy Spirit (in the form of tongues of fire: Acts 2:1-13) to His followers and Apostles during the Jewish Holiday where many pilgrims from all over the world were coming to Jerusalem. This outpouring allowed his disciples to evangelize and witness to Christ's resurrection in the very language their varied audience spoke, and, as a result, 3,000 listeners came to faith in Jesus! On the Jewish Calendar, Pentecost is one of 3 feasts that called for a reflective pilgrimage to Jerusalem considered a "Feast of Harvest" (Exodus 23:16) taking place normally 50 days after Passover. We reflect on Pentecost with symbolic signficance: Christ too allows us to carry out the great commission, not by personal might nor by power (Zech. 4:6) but by His Spirit - the blazing witness to a mighty, loving and personal God. Those who trust in Jesus for their righteousness are given His Holy Spirit, and, as a result, our lives bear witness to the Lord who redeemed us.